Sweet Mass Production, LLC (SMP)
(dba ABandforBrothers.com)

SMP was founded in 2013, with a mission to raise the quality standard of your hard-earned military awards and insignia.

SMP's sister company, Sweet Metal Finishing, was founded in the early 80's by Earl Sweet, a Korean War USMC Vet. SMF quickly became known as one of the premier metal finishers in the country. When his son took over in 2003, SMF pioneered the recreation and re-instillation of the most difficult, high-end finishes in the military medal manufacturing industry through exclusive work with some of the then-leaders in the industry. Through the years, however, we saw the quality standards change and the lowest price point become the key factor in all manufacturing decisions in the industry. This of course lead to a drastic drop in quality standards and an almost complete elimination of ethical manufacturing practices which we had no desire to be apart of. After several years of being away from the military medal industry we decided to get back into it in a way we never had before. We knew that in order to restore the quality standards we had once been so proud to bring to the industry we were going to have to take a more prominent role in manufacturing and bring the products directly to the men and women who have earned them. SMP was born.   

SMP became a Heraldry Certified Manufacturer (TIOH Cert. #U-24) and has since hit the ground running to provide both Active Duty and Veteran military personnel and their families with the highest quality medals, insignia, and memorabilia they deserve.  Our quality is unparalleled, and our commitment to you is unwavering.  

We offer the highest quality products at competitive prices. Our quality standards and 100% USA manufacturing commitment is like no other. You deserve the best products USA Made has to offer, and we will stop at nothing to produce it for you.

We thank you for your service and sacrifice to our country. We will always remain true in our words and actions by offering you the quality you deserve. 


100% Made in the USA

At A Band for Brothers our commitment to 100% USA Made products is unwavering. Our goal is to keep every aspect of every item we offer domestically sourced. Occasionally, however, we do run into there not being a domestic source for the products or components we offer. If that is the case, we search allied countries like Italy, Poland, and Europe to fill these needs. Below is a list of the items that are not made in the USA, along with their country of origin. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Lexington Decanter - Made in Italy
Imperial Decanter - Made in Italy