SMP* has been a certified, developing manufacturer for the Institute of Heraldry, division of the Army, since 2015. 
We are honored to bring our superior quality standards and manufacturing knowledge to the military community in this way.

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Developments - Images not shown:


DENHAC Fort Bragg - Currently in Development
The Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response's Award - Developed 11/2018
Security Force Assistance Command DUI - Developed 11/2018
811 Hospital Center DUI - Developed 07/2018
DENTAC Japan DUI - Developed 10/2017
627th Hospital Center DUI - Developed 09/2017

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Superior Medals - Developed 01/2017
Official mini medal of the Award for Valor - Developed 11/2016
Air Force Scientific Applications Specialist Badges - Developed 10/2016
POW/MIA Public Service Medals - Developed 08/2016
Ribbon Attachment of the United States Public Health Service Distinguishing device - Developed 06/2016

Developments - Images below:

531st Hospital Center - Developed 07/2018

2nd Security Force Assistance Brigade DUI
Developed 05/2018

dentac korea

DENTAC Korea DUI - Developed 04/2018

DENTAC Fort Sill - Developed 04/2018


DENTAC Ft Eustis DUI - Developed 01/2018 

NGB Ident Badge
National Guard Bureau Identification Badge Set
Developed 11/2017

Army National Guard Cyber Brigade DUI

Army National Guard Cyber Brigade DUI 
Developed 07/2017

Army Cyber Center of Excellence DUI
Army Cyber Center of Excellence DUI 
Developed 06/2017


USAE Joint Communications Unit DUI 
Developed 05/2017

165th Military Police DUI

165th Military Police Battalion DUI 
Developed 05/2017


USAE Special Operations Joint Task Force
Operation Inherent Resolve CSIB

Developed 01/2017

248th Support Battalion DUI
248th Support Battalion DUI 
Developed 01/2017

199th Regiment DUI

199th Regiment DUI - Developed 07/2016

451st Sustainment Command

451st Sustainment Command CSIB
Developed - 06/2016



*SMP, LLC (Sweet Mass Production) 
TIOH Certification #U24