We here at A Band for Brothers are passionate about honoring the military community. It is our privilege to team up with many amazing military non-profit organizations in aid of the military community. We are passionate about honoring all who have served through every aspect of our company, and giving back is just one of these ways. 

Together in partnership, we fundraising with military non-profit organizations through the sales of our USA Made military items. There is never any expense for the military non-profit, and we have programs designed for non-profits of all sizes! 

Current Fundraisers:
There are no current fundraisers taking place. 

Are you part of a military centered non-profit who is looking to team up with A Band for Brothers? Lets start the conversation, contact us below and tell us about your organization!


Are you part of an FRG/FRP/KSP/WLP and are looking for new ways to fund-raise? We have designed a JAG-approved form of fundraising, customized specifically to your unit or base. 
Contact us below to see how you can start fundraising with our 100% Made in the USA products!