A Band for Brothers is proudly teaming up with the Fort Campbell Spouses' Club. 
For the duration of our fundraiser, 20% of all Fort Campbell related products, and every other purchase using code FCSC2018, will be donated to the Fort Campbell Spouses' Club. 

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Fort Campbell Spouses' Club is a non-profit, social, charitable, and educational organization. The FCSC is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Military families and the surrounding communities.

 The FCSC raises funds throughout the year, in its dedication to improving the lives of soldiers and families in and around the Fort Campbell area. All money raised goes to welfare requests and towards providing scholarships to graduating high school seniors and family members of military personnel accepted into higher education programs. 

In the fall of 2014 the former Fort Campbell Officer's Spouses' Club and former Fort Campbell Enlisted Spouses' Club united to form the Fort Campbell Spouses' Club. We are excited about this opportunity that provides any military spouse with a club that can enhance their time while stationed at Fort Campbell.


For more information about the Fort Campbell Spouses' Club and their mission, contact them at infofortcampbellspousesclub@gmail.com.

For more information about our fundraiser with the Fort Campbell Spouses' Club, please contact us below.